Over 12 years experience in retail property.

Consistent income growth, low vacancies and a high tenant retention ratio.

Quality, niche market focused retail properties.

A current portfolio of 10 properties, with a total GLA in excess of 55,000m2.

Amrichprop Real Estate Group

The Amrichprop Real Estate Group was founded in June 2003, when the Group acquired its first property (the Pick ‘n Pay Centre in CERES) with a total GLA of 5,410sqm. Today, 14 years later, the Group has a total of 11 properties, with a Total GLA in excess of 73,000m2. Several expansion and Upgrade Projects are currently underway, which should contribute to the Portfolio achieving a Total GLA footprint of +/-75,000m2 by the end of 2017.

The Group was founded by Reg Aldridge, Braam Viljoen and André Mouton whom have extensive knowledge and experience of property-related financial structures. Over the past 12 years, André Mouton, with the support from the other shareholders, have managed the Amrichprop Portfolio in a focused and conservative manner, which has greatly contributed to the Portfolio during this period maintaining an above average record of consistent income growth, low vacancies (less than 1%) and a high Tenant Retention ratio.